Dragon Lake hike

A magical destination where wild goats climb and eagles nest, the “Drakolimni” aka Dragon Lake is surrounded by lofty peaks and perpendicular cliffs - its location couldn’t be more dramatic.

The well-marked path starts from Mikro Papigo, leads into the adjacent woods and crawls up the jagged slopes towards the Timfi mountain range. Overshadowed by the looming scarps of Astraka, the dense woodland slowly dwindles as you ascend and gives way to swaying meadows and hardened shrubs. Along the way there are kiosks with water for supply. The first part of the trail ends at the alpine refuge, altitude 1950m, where we can have a lunch-break before continuing towards the legendary Lake.The last ascent to Drakolimni is quite demanding but the beauty of the landscape is such that it rewards all the effort. The descent from the same road is faster but requires some attention.

Hiking time (approx.): 7 - 8 hrs + stops
Grade: demanding
Distance: 8.5 km (one way)
Total ascent/descent: 1250/265m
To bring: good hiking shoes, water, hat & sunscreen
Included: certified guide, hiking poles, snacks
Pricing per person: 1p.- 180€ / 2p.- 100€ / 3p.- 80€ / 4p.- 70€

For larger groups please request a quote, for availability contact me or fill out the booking request form.

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